KB60 There is no game, sorry to disappoint! Make all of Kirchberg your boardgames, that’s even better!

KB60 – The game? No, the project! YOUR event project.

We are celebrating the 60th anniversary of Fonds Kirchberg with 60 different initiatives, events and ideas, all coming from you. Send us your detailed event ideas – these can be for small to big events – and with a bit of luck your idea will be selected and you (and your event) will be sponsored with € 2,000 per idea.

So get started! Think about what Kirchberg means to you and how you would like to take it to the next level. There are no limits to your creativity and you shouldn’t get stuck on details.
PS: For example, if necessary, it is possible to temporally block traffic in a certain location in Kirchberg. This goes to show how seriously we take your ideas!

We saved the best for last: We invite anyone and everyone to participate, whether you live in Kirchberg or not – individuals, clubs and businesses.
The only requirement is that your idea is accessible to everyone.

There will be a preselection of event ideas. After that it’s all in your hands – you decide which events will take place by voting for your favourites. The voting will become available on this website as soon as the selection process opens up.

The deadline for submitting your event idea is 2nd October 2020.
Take a look at the video of the fictional KB60 game below and get inspired. Make all of Kirchberg your board game!

Meet the fam

  • Leila, 11

    Social media has an important place in her life. That’s why she wants to organise the biggest largest flash mob ever in Kirchberg to this date. Keeping a safe distance, everyone will be able to join.
  • Tom, 10

    He has been listening to goth music and doom metal for the past 6 months during school breaks. His idea is to organise a metal concert in front of the Philharmonie with his grandfather
  • Carolina, 36

    Carolina likes to organise swishing parties with her friends. Now that she has teamed up with her neighbours, they want to organise small clothes swapping events in front yards and on balconies all over Kirchberg.
  • Jean-Paul, 38

    His big dream has always been to organise a Tea Dance (Thé Dansant) at the roundabout Serra. He loves to dance and thinks roundabouts are cool…. For real!